Man Alive

Living Without Violence

Man Alive’s point of difference from other non-violence programmes is that they are run by men, for men. Our Maori programme, Te Ara Taumata Ora, uses the same themes as Living Without Violence but they are delivered in culturally appropriate ways. Living Without Violence and Te Ara Taumata Ora programmes are run in accordance with the Domestic Violence Act and are approved by Probation Services.

Counselling For Men By Men

The first thing your male counsellor will do is help you clearly identify the issues. Man Alive counsellors are trained and experienced in dealing with men’s issues, so they’ll understand yours. Next, they’ll help you develop a broader range of options to deal with the issues. As your choices increase, you’ll feel better about yourself and your life. The challenge is for you to ask for support.

Men’s Change & Support Groups

Men often find themselves in situations where they are expected to deal with big change in their lives and with little support. This group is an open, easy-going group of ordinary guys who have had crisis and change in the past helping men who are going through hard times now.

Men In Relationships

Men in Relationships is a 12 week course that could change your family and work life. It is a course designed to help you deal with stress and conflict. It will help you come closer to your family.

Family & Couple Counselling

The goal of family counselling is to achieve personal, and family well-being and to recognize and strengthen the existing supports and resources you have as individuals and as a family. Couple counselling can help you restore connection, belonging and intimacy relationships.


Youth Services

Boys Alive

An eight week programme for boys aged 8-12, who may have a lack of positive male role models, behavioural difficulties, or issues around anger, relationships, communication or self-esteem. (currently Waitakere City only)

Growing Men

A twelve week anger management and life skills one-to-one counselling programme, for male youth who are finding it difficult to control anger, aggression or violence.