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What we believe in

What we do

All of our members are committed to the vision of: 
An Aotearoa/New Zealand wide family violence prevention and response system which is accountable, effective, sustainable, accessible, and just.
By “family violence prevention and response system” we mean all the parts of and laws and policies, practices and procedures which are responsible for preventing family violence and/or addressing it when it occurs.
When we say a “system which is accountable, effective, sustainable, accessible, and just” we mean a system which:

Is promotes a consistent societal message that family violence, in all its forms, is unacceptable, unlawful and will not be tolerated;
Subscribes to the notion that, in Aotearoa, violence is both gendered and a direct effect of colonisation;
Acknowledges that the primary purpose is to account to and ensure the safety of victims/survivors of family violence;
Embraces the understanding that accountability to victims/survivors and effectiveness are best achieved by a dual approach which BOTH holds the perpetrator to account (for example, through criminal processes) AND ensures the perpetrator has ample opportunity to confront, address and stop their own unacceptable and unlawful behaviours;
Is centrally coordinated by government (horizontal coordination) but is guided and informed by the wider community, particularly those people and population groups most impacted by family violence (vertical coordination);
Is sufficiently resourced in the long term to ensure that all parts of the system can operate effectively and in unison with all other parts of the system;
Is capable of meeting people where they are and can respond and adapt to the needs of the individuals, families and whānau who access or may need to access it;
Ensures that intervention is timely, fair and transparent.

On behalf of our members our work is to:
Provide effective advocacy, leadership and support to and for our members as specialist family violence services across Aotearoa/New Zealand

By advocacy we mean activities which seek to bring to fruition our vision.  Advocacy activities may include (but are not limited to); promoting structural change through lobbying government and politicians, writing submissions designed to influence structural and legal reform, participating in consultation processes designed to inform systemic change, using media platforms to both highlight limitations in the current family violence prevention and response system and give voice to ideas and solutions in addressing those limitations and forming or joining alliances and coalitions with like-minded organisations to pursue our vision.
By leadership we mean being a trusted source of information, advice and ideas to achieve our vision.  Our leadership activities may include (but are not limited to); undertaking and supporting research to inform the development of the family violence prevention and response system, developing and promoting best practice in family violence prevention and response services, promoting and showcasing the work of our members and using media platforms to deliver commentary.     
By support for our members, we mean utilising our resources in ways which provide practical assistance to our members in undertaking their work.  Our membership support activities may include (but are not limited to); providing advice and training to members, providing and facilitating communication and information sharing platforms, identifying and resourcing opportunities for collaborations between members and between members and other parts of the family violence prevention and response system, and identifying and sharing with members opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills and organisational capacities in undertaking their work. 
By “specialist family violence services” we mean those agencies which are members of (or eligible for membership of) Te Kupenga and which have as their sole or substantial focus, the delivery of services, programmes and other supports to people who are perpetrators of or impacted by family violence. [/cs_content_seo]